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Veterans Financial Inc.

Veterans Financial Inc.

Veterans Financial Inc.

For free assistance:
Call: 1-800-835-1541

One of the services veteran financial provides at no cost, is information about the aid and attendance pension offered by the Department of veteran affairs. This benefit can provide a significant monthly income to eligible veterans or the surviving spouse.

If you require assisted-living, this benefit can enable you to receive the care you need a cost you can afford.

Eligibility requirements:

Military history: Veterans must have served 90 days active duty with 1 day during a period of war (World War II, Korea, or Vietnam) An honorable, general or medical military discharge is required.

Medical needs:The veteran or spouse must have physical or mental conditions that require the care or assistance of another person on a regular basis.

Income considerations:If care expenses exceed income than the maximum benefit will be awarded; most individuals in assisted-living me disqualification.

Net worth:Allowable net worth is based on individual circumstances, with proper planning most can become eligible. If concern, seek advice from a professional organization, like Veterans Financial Inc. that specializes in long-term care financial planning.

Once approved, the pension is paid directly to the veteran or spouse and is retroactive to the first of the month following the VA’s receipt of application.

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