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Real Endorsements From Clients and Users.


"The Military Resource Directory you published is an outstanding effort. It was a truly great idea and whatever thought of it should get an award. Everyone with whom I have spoken with likes it. Thanks for your efforts we all appreciate it."

Theodore R. Milton, Jr. Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army Secretary of the General Staff

"Just a note to let you know how much our customers appreciate the military directories your company provides. The directories allow us to better serve the population base here at Fort Lewis and to give that population another source of valuable information. Your directories go out the door as soon as they arrive with folks looking for more. Once again we would like to express our thanks for your outstanding publication."

John Porter, Outdoor Recreation, JBLM

"This is just a note to thank you for your services at the Madigan Tricare office. The directories that you supply are very useful to everyone in the area. In fact, they are so popular that we can't keep them on the shelves. Your staff is also wonderful! They are always here to resupply our racks about three times a week. Keep up the good work!"

Terri Leitner, Madigan Army Medical Center

"First let me thank you once again for delivering the previous 400 WA Military Resource Directories. They are very much in demand and I have the privilege to ask you to bring me an additional 1000 directories. The books provide us with information needed on a daily basis and are also an excellent resource book for the military community as well. The directories are unquestionably the best I’ve seen. I have personally checked numbers in addition to the information compiled with them and I found them to be up-to-date and accurate. There was nothing more frustrating than to have to look up numbers and be unsuccessful in trying to get to the people I want to reach! Commend you for a job well done and for making my every day easier, I just wish I could have had access to these directories much earlier. Thank you!"

Christiane C. Saunders, ACS Volunteer Coordinator, Headquarters I Corps and Fort Lewis

"I recently received a copy of your new Washington Military Resource Directory, outside the McChord AFB commissary a month or so ago. I was impressed; this is definitely something of use for military personnel."

Dick Kliemann, Office Manager, Non Commissioned Officers Association

"For many years I have relied on calling the Fort Lewis and Camp Murray Operations for directory assistance. Your directory book is just the item the members of team accord need to become more efficient."

Richard W. Muri, Lt. Col, USAF

"I have had the fortunate opportunity to experience your publication “Washington Military Resource Directory.” I found the directory to be extremely helpful and complete!"

Charles Fredrick, Personnel Support Activity Detachment

"In visiting the Nursing Education and Staff Development service here at Madigan army medical Center, I saw your book publication of the Washington Military Resource Directory and was very much impressed. Keep up the great work!"

Major Elizabeth A. Mittelstaedt, Army Nurse Corps, Assisted Head Nurse, Madigan Army Medical Center

"A few weeks ago I was on my way through the commissary doors when I was approached by a lady offering “free books.” When I saw it was the Washington Military Resource Directory I stopped dead on my tracks and asked for a few more copies.

Needless to say, all my “extra copies” had turned to smoke in a blink of an eye. Now I have to keep my copy under lock and key to make sure it will be there the next day."

Eric E. Suarez, Battalion Commander Secretary, JBLM

"This is the first year I purchased an ad in your Washington Military Resource Directory. I wanted you to know as soon as you started delivery, I have been pulling new clients from areas I never have before. I am a local Dog Groomer and did not recognize how powerful your directory could be.

Thank You!"

Roxanne L. Strutz, Owner, Pets ‘R’ Precious

"My name is Molly, and I just wanted to thank you for your donation of the Washington Military Resource Directory to our FRG members. This is a valuable resource for our military families, it enables us to resolve many issues without having to bother our over-worked rear detachment personnel, or FRG leaders while our husbands are deployed in Iraq. Thanks again for making our lives a little bit easier."

Molly Jane Kane, Alpha Company 2/3 Infantry, Family Readiness Support Group JBLM

"My name is Stephanie Carrasquillo, and I work for the Airman & Family Readiness Office at JBLM. I was given a copy of your Washington Military Resource Directory and found valuable information that our airman and their families could really use!"

Stephanie L. Carrasquillo, MSgt, Airman & Family Readiness NCOIC JBLM

"We at Poulsbo PC wanted to take a minute and thank you for helping us with our marketing efforts involving the Military Resource Directory for Kitsap County. We are truly excited to be able to promote our iPhone repair and camera removal in such a perfectly fitted platform.

Your help in putting an idea together was incremental in our new campaign. We look forward to expanding with you in the future and know your 90k quality directories will be a success for us.

It was worth our time to stop and take a TRUE LOOK at what your company was planning with the new directory, as we might have accidentally passed on this wonderful opportunity to be part of a great way to grow our business."

TerriLynn Mann, Poulsbo PC & Electronics