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Point Man Ministries International

Point Man Ministries International

Veteran Support Group

Open to all veterans from all eras

Thursday Nights: 7:00pm to 8:30pm
34800 21st Ave. SW.
Federal Way, WA
Rick Bulman: 253-350-2494
Michael Howard: 253-426-0904

This is not a Bible study. Although we are a Christian group, our purpose isn't to preach to anyone, but just to create a safe environment where we can help our fellow veterans with issues that are common to all of us.

We are in organization dedicated to helping our fellow veterans with service related issues.

We, through life experience and some basic instructional training, have been equipped with some tools to help our fellow veterans better understand and deal with service related issues.

All veterans, both male and female are welcome. We are not affiliated with the DOD and make no reports to anyone. It's a totally confidential group

Point Man ministries is proud to announce we are hosting a meeting in Tacoma:

Tuesday nights: 630 to 8:30 PM
6315 19th St.,
Tacoma, WA 98466

This meeting is open to all veterans from all errors from World War II to present. Pointman Ministries is an organization dedicated to helping a brother Veterans transition back into society from issues that are service related. We give our fellow veterans tools to better understand PTSD, TBI, and any other service related issues.

We are a Christian-based organization; however, we invite all veterans to join the group – male or female. We welcome the opportunity to meet you and share the knowledge we have gained. There are no doctors or lawyers. We believe if we can help one veteran, from any conflict we have done our job. There are many soldiers coming back from multiple doors, places like Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq, or being affected by the time and comment zones.

We want to share with them the idea that they are having normal reactions to an abnormal circumstance not only affecting them but their families, significant others and especially children. The suicide rate for veterans is 23 per day, about 22% higher than the general population!

To us this is unacceptable and avoidable. Some of our members had PTSD for 35 years or longer without even knowing we had PTSD.

Our heart is alert to the young men and women who have lay their lives on the line for our country. That we honor them for their sacrifice and say “Welcome Home."