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National Association for Black Veterans (NABVETS)

National Association for Black Veterans (NABVETS)

National Association for Black Veterans, Inc.

Contact: Larry Duggar

NABVETS has been a veterans’ advocacy organization and has addressed the unmet needs of minority and economically disadvantaged veterans since its inception in 1973. For over 25 years NABVETS has led the challenge to call attention to the plight of veterans who have been victims of Agent Orange, Post Traumatic Stress, less than honorable discharges, amnesty for Vietnam era veterans, homelessness and a myriad of other veterans concerns.

NABVETS claims services department provides:
•Filing and processing of VA claims
•Discharge upgrade assistance
•Advocacy and supportive services
•Power of Attorney

NABVETS, initially the “Interested Veterans of the Central City (IVOCC),” was established and incorporated by seven Vietnam combat Veterans in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (1969). In 1973 it was reorganized (1973) to become the National Association of Black Veterans (NABVETS) – a membership service organization – with the charge to address issues concerning Black and other minority Veterans.

On April 2, 1998, NABVETS was certified as a national Veterans Service Organization by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). NABVETS was certified “for the purpose of preparation, presentation, and prosecution of claims under laws administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs.” NABVETS has served as a leader to address the unmet concerns of minority and low-income Veterans for almost 35 years through direct services, empowerment training, and collaborative partnerships.

Those Veterans who need assistance filing for disability compensation, pension reimbursement, educational benefits, etc can utilize NABVETS claims service representatives who guide Veterans through the entire bureaucratic process. In order to provide the best quality claims service available, NABVETS has centralized the claims review and quality assurance function into one location. All claims are reviewed by the highest trained experts prior to submission to the Department of Veterans Affairs, ensuring the best possible opportunity for positive adjudication of the initial claim.

NABVETS works in collaboration with its claims services staff and the highly reputable National Veterans Legal Service Program when representing Veteran’s claims. The system is an electronic database, retrievable by our Veteran’s Service Representatives at anytime, anywhere around the world.

Additionally, NABVETS accomplishes its mission through partnerships with community-based and Veterans’ organizations, federal, state and local governments, human service agencies and concerned citizens. For example, the Center for Veterans Issues, Ltd (CVI) provides technical assistance to NABVETS for project implementation. CVI is a non-profit, non-membership administrative, program development and technical assistance organization that provides services to minority, women and low-income Veteran’s organizations.