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National Alliance to End Veteran Suicide

National Alliance to End Veteran Suicide

National Alliance to End Veteran Suicide

PO Box 1564, Buckley, WA 98321
Phone: 253-256-2015

The Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that a Veteran takes his or her own life about once every 65 minutes on average or 22 per day, accounting for some 8,000 suicides per year, nearly 20 percent of all suicides in the United States.

Our Mission:
To end Veteran suicide in our nation through our focus areas of Education, Research, Resources and Community. Our formula to End Veteran Suicide = ER2C.

Our Vision:
To create a network of committed, trained, and recognized volunteer champions actively engaged in addressing the alarming concern of suicide deaths among Veterans. We will impact this concern and provide resources to Veterans, Families and Survivors through the main focus areas of the Alliance. Our staff and volunteers will become a valued resource to both National and State Veterans programs stand- ing alongside of them in their efforts to improve the lives of Veterans and their families.
You need not be a Veteran to make a difference in the lives of so many! Connect with us now at www. Everyone is welcome to join our Veteran Community Action Network and do good things to lift your community. You’ll discover that life change when you are in action and in community!