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Disabled American Veterans

Disabled American Veterans

Disabled American Veterans

Disabled American Veterans Department Service Office American Lake
VA Medical Center (Bldg. 16)
9600 Veterans Drive
Tacoma, WA 98493

We assist veterans in submitting the application for VA benefits into the VA and then we help them find resources to get through the long time waiting for the VA to process the application. If the veterans need further help on their VA claims, we will take it all the way to the top for them. DAV is here to fight for you, the veterans.




We are also here to help veteran families through the difficult times that come as a result of disability. Not all disabilities are visible, let alone obvious.

Sometimes it takes years for an injury to become a disability. Then it can take many more years to get a VA rating as well.

We work together with the DAV Auxiliary, our family member branch, as well as with community orga- nizations to help keep veteran families working together for a better life.

Disabled American Veterans are current, or former members of the United States Armed Forces who have sustained injuries while serving our country. We know how difficult it is to talk about any injury and how long it takes to get medical care and/or compensation from the Veterans Administration. We are here to help.